Cris Porto is a jewelry brand created by the jeweler Cristiane Porto, which bears her name and identity.

Inspired by art, nature and its essence, the jeweler carries in its DNA a spectrum of possibilities to create jewelry with a unique design, full of personality and expression.

The beauty of each piece is translated into exclusive jewelry made by hand with noble and impressive gems that bring a touch of delicacy and richness of details that make all the difference in each of his authorial creations.

With limited production and passion in all stages of the creation process, one of the brand's great differentials is translating stories of love, life and family into each jewel, with a personal and unique design.

For apotheotic moments, Joias Cris Porto.


From Uberlândia from Minas Gerais, Cris Porto graduated in Arts from the Federal University of Uberlândia and became a jeweler by chance.

Encouraged by a friend, she started working at a jewelry counter. It was immediate passion and the certainty that the jewel would be her form of expression for life. For six years he worked as a goldsmith and did internships in jewelry stores and ateliers until he opened his own.

Cris Porto started working in silver, but found himself in gold, a raw material that, in conjunction with precious stones, gives life to exuberant and bold pieces.

“My creative process takes many forms. Often, the stone inspires me, so it tells me what it wants to be and then I let myself go. When I imagine a piece, I go in search of the ideal stone. I like to listen to my heart, to get emotional with each creation. The jewelry store brought me and brings me great moments of emotion"

His creations won international awards, such as the International Pearl Design Contest, considered the Oscar of jewelry in Japan, and the Design Forum De Beers (largest diamond company in the world), in two editions (1992 and 1997).

Cris Porto is on De Beers' list of the 100 best jewelry designers in the Americas and has already exhibited at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, at the Mikimoto gallery, in Tokyo, and in three editions of the largest jewelry fair in the world, BaselWorld, at the Switzerland.

Cris Porto Space

In a bold and at the same time cozy space, located in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo, the Joalheria Cris Porto space was planned with great care in every detail that makes up the environments, full of inspiration and beauty.

The idea of ​​creating the space came from the jeweler's desire to receive clients and friends as if she were in the living room of her own home.

The entire design of the space was designed and planned by architect Deborah Pinheiro, childhood friend and fellow countrywoman of Cris Porto, who brought creative solutions to portray the jeweler's life story in a striking and authentic way.

The objects and works of art that make up the place were acquired by Cris Porto throughout his life, on his travels in Brazil and around the world. Unique pieces that the jeweler panned and bring pleasant memories to be relived.


A personalized jewelry can perpetuate a person's best moments and stories and pass from generation to generation.

Cris Porto personalized jewelry is specially made to materialize a feeling and have a jewelry exclusively developed for you or that person you love.

The process involves the development of a project with the elaboration of a drawing, choice of the type, size and shape of the piece, in addition to the choice of gems and gold color. 

The project guarantees the requested criteria, the quality of the jewelry and the availability of the client's investment. Everything with special attention from the first contact to delivery.

Immortalize your feelings! Have an exclusive and personalized Cris Porto jewelry.


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